Photo by aaron geiser

There have been countless types of water vessels

since the age of time. One type of vessel found and crafted in Spain is called a Botijo. This brilliant technology was designed to keep water protected from insects, dust, and debris while keeping water cool and well formed.

How does it work?

Once water is poured into it and placed under sunlight, water evaporates. The transition from water to vapor cools the water and also filters it through the porous walls. Unwanted chemicals, and debris are trapped and moved outside of the vessel. This vessel has two openings: The cup is the one to pour water into, and the spout is to drink from. However, one can choose whichever to drink from. With all the benefits of this water vessel, I have titled it “Life Vessel”. One can use it around the house, place it next to the bed, or taken to work to help promote a healthy water drinking habit.


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