These water vessels restructure water molecules in an organized manner that is best for life. Just as water moves across rocks in a spring-fed river, these vessels behave in a similar manner. The porous nature of this clay, the round shapes, and partial salt in the clay, create a vortex by where the molecular structure of water becomes optimal for life.

These water vessels will protect and enrich your water every day so long as you take care of them mindfully.

They need to be washed, placed in appropriate places (shade, and above ground recommended), and used daily. They miror their environment, so if the room has mold, it will tell you so that you can take action and create a healthy place.

aquifer dome

This shape holds the most water, and sits most stable on surfaces.  It is has the most surface area so it is perfect for using while gardening, home improvement work, or even sports.

aquifer pets

Aquifer Pets is the original water vessel for pets. No Plastic! This clay also sweats purifying and keeping water fresh and cool.  The red clay comes alive when is filled with water. Your pets will love it! This shape comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate birds, cats, and dogs.

aquifer valenciano

This is a classic shape from the Pueblo in South-East Spain, where all these vessels are made. It is culmination of middle eastern-domes, and roman columns. This shape is classy, romantic, and just gorgeous. Just wait for full-moon, and hold it under the light outside.

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