The Aquifer-togo water vessel isn’t just an ordinary piece of ceramic, rather it is a living, breathing, and functioning earthenware object of art.  It is ready to interact with all the elements.  To activate it, simply pour water into and all over it.  Once it is full of drinking water, place it in a place where the wind, shade, and some sun can touch it.  It is best to hang it from its handle either on a tree branch, a rope with a hook, or a table with laces that allows air to move around and under the vessel.

You will notice that as soon as it is filled with water, that the color of the vessel turns to a greenish color.  It turns back to the color of the raw earth-clay from the land where it is harvested.  This is normal and how it functions.  The more you use it, the more sheen and clean it becomes and works to enrich the structure and taste of the water.

How does it work?

Once water is poured into it and placed under sunlight, water evaporates. The transition from water to vapor cools the water and also filters it through the porous walls. Unwanted chemicals, and debris are trapped and moved outside of the vessel. This vessel has two openings: The cup is the one to pour water into, and the spout is to drink from. However, one can choose whichever to drink from.

The best place to keep the aquifer togo water vessel full of water is outside hung from its handle on a branch, a hook on a hanging rope, or a table that allows air to caress the vessel all around. The air and sun with some shade will soak up the natural forces and allow the vessel to deliver the story to your body.

Even though certain geographic places are humid and grow mold, by placing the vessel in a properly mindful place the water will be healthy, pure, and free from mold.

The key is using it everyday, and taking care of it as it restructures your water, and makes it a tasty and rich experience. 


How to use it:

There’s an art of drinking water from an aquifer togo water vessel without spilling it all over the place. hahaha! The journey to mastering it comes with a joyous, youthful, fun, wet, crowd gathering, bubbly, and memorable experiences. Can you do it?

These water vessels are one of the oldest and ever modern technologies of structuring and purifying drinking water. The clay body of this specific clay includes a percent of Mediterranean salt causing it to sweat via proper porosity that cools and sweetens drinking water like fresh springs from an aquifer.

Sheri Mays has a way of sewing reality to dreams with her extraordinary painting techniques. It was great to visit her and enjoy viewing her work.

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